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5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Refrigerator This Ramadan


It’s already summer in this part of the world, and it won’t be long until the heat becomes scorching and unbearable. Moreover, the much awaited month of the year – Ramadan, falls right amidst the blazing summer. The first thing anyone can think of after stepping back indoors from the …

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A Professional Designer’s Take on Wacom Tablets

Wacom Cintiq

Wacom recently launched its new range of pen tablets and displays. Dubbed Cintiq and Intuos, these products seek to redefine creativity by translating graphic expressions into an advanced interface design, while providing a natural pen experience. To get a feel of how these products perform, we caught up with one …

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Here’s How You Can Set Up a Party at Home

Ariete Party Time appliances

Make every house party one to remember with an extensive range of creative kitchen appliances from Ariete. We wouldn’t call them kitchen appliances as much as we would term them as “party helpers”. From homemade ice cream and candy floss to crepes, waffles and even hotdogs; everything is possible with …

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